Garage Screen Doors

Garage Screen Doors

Turn your garage into usable space and take advantage of cross breezes during icy weather. Or how about a workshop with natural light and plenty of ventilation, but no bugs? It is easy with a garage screen door. You can even order a garage screen door with vinyl instead of screen at no additional charge allowing a lot of light, but keeping air out - perfect to air condition or heat your garage as needed. All made possible with a garage screen door.

AWT Vinyl Siding's garage screen doors from several different manufacturers. Each manufacturers makes a garage screen door which is different from other manufacturers' garage screen door meaning you can choose the garage screen door that best meets your needs. Please visit our showroom to see the different garage screen doors available.

AWT Vinyl's Garage Screen Enclosures are Custom sized to fit your garage door opening. Typical sizes are 8'x7' for a single car garage and 16'x7' for a 2 car garage, although each unit is made to your exact specifications. ยท Mounts outside your existing door meaning you won't have to make any modifications to your door, and doesn't interfere with the operation of your door.

  • Still allow you to use your garage for vehicles.
  • Garage Screen doors are available in various screen configurations, with or without kick plate. Vinyl is also available instead of screen at no extra charge.
  • All garage screen doors have inside vent latches for added security.

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